Of course zero, after you've done a show it raises the bar, and you have to keep getting better and better until you eventually sign onto a huge label that pays you not to be that great anymore. tongue

Screw labels. I just wish there were some kind of community that really promoted skill growth.

I'd also like to add, that I fucking hate everyone. xD


sorry, just venting.

destroy everything

School's been draining me of any motivation to sit down and write a song for the past couple weeks.

Also I broke my Gameboy and most of the ideas in my head revolve around LSDJ.

my mediocirty angers me more than most things. THIS IS THE MOST 1st world whinge!YAY

too much waiting tables and sitting in lectures, not enough painting and WB

drank too much! D:<

I am sad because 5'2"

I am sad because I'm not sad.  I want to commiserate with you all, but I'm just too damn happy.

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So much course work due this week; finished Weekly Beats submission before starting any of it.

The very few equipment i actually own is falling apart on me. And the song i intended to submit sounds like ass and  the arrangement is completely screwed up. Quickly getting another song done in the weekend. Got something on saturday, but then my laptop restarted itself and i lost everything. Now i have to make a song in one day.

FML, firstworldproblems, ih8life, etc.

nekotheory, you are amazing.
sorry to hear ur equip fail SC


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