I like the general theme idea that Lazerbeat had, but I think it should be put to a vote the week previous.

There's not really a way to start polls on WB, so I'm thinking that everyone should post their ideas for the theme for Week 13.

At the end of the week, I'll count up the most popular suggestion.

What do ya'll think about that?

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Sounds good. I vote Sqweee!

Let's do some trance with some great walls of sound.

I vote lasersauraus battle derby

I can't fault the above suggestion.

i vote naked roller derby

Death metal. Let's do it.

I'm a sucker for Goa Trance myself

Use only one instrument to make a song!


Use only 4 notes from a chromatic scale to make a song.


i would really love to hear a trance week of some sort.  i would participate for sure 8-D

Looks like trance is winning so far! big_smile

Is this mandatory or an extra challenge?

It's most definitely an extra challenge.