I'm going to make a song using samples from my drill and call it it Drillex

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What the hell is industrial dub, I need to hear that!

Dubstep was originally a genre of industrial that focussed more on droning/pulsing basslines. A more fair review would be to say it was a new direction of older EBM styles, which most consider to be industrial.

Being an avid fan of "pure", or original, industrial and newer forms, I find it extremely amusing when you recognize the influence it has had on most current electronic music. In fact, I find it difficult to not love most electronic music, despite how different it sounds compared to the old days of Kraftwerk and SPK/Throbbing Gristle.


I really didn't know people got confused at this distinction .. or used the terms interchangeably??? Really?

also early dubstep was more 2step / garage influenced than industrial in my opinion (being born out of Bristol / triphop and the like) but the crossovers are clearly visible and I guess you might be able to call people like Scorn industrial?

As a person that doesnt listen to that much reggae I didnt know there was a difference until you mentioned. I thought Dub was short for dubstep. If it isnt electronic in nature, or big band music, I wont recognize any sub genres.

So I guess I look really stupid LOL big_smile

Also, I was working on a dubstep track for nothing sad

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I think it is good to refer to the playlist provided in Lazerbeat's post (courtesy of Minikomi) as it features very typical dub tracks:


Also good to listen to because king tubby is awesome

oh crap, I forgot to do the dub track! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh... and yeah, king tubby is awesome.

sounds fun

Well, I don't know if it is dub exactly but I did a slow minimal track with lots of bass, heavy drums and I hope it is dub....

My track is dub inspired for this week.  Not 'typical dub' though sorry.  I prefer to be inspired by as opposed to emulating  smile


lol - I thought week 11 was next week.  Oh well.  As far as distinction of dub, I always grew up with it being the instrumental versions of deep regge tracks.  My King Tubby LP's and a number of my Impact / Groove Music 45s clearly state the "dub" versions of the tunes on their B sides. 

This, to me, is dub: http://syntaxparty.org/rockit8bit/broke … vitive.mp3  (it was my high school listening)

Same.  Reggae dub plate specials.  smile

My 'dub' track is up for all to hear now. 


My Dub inspired Voodoo Curse
http://weeklybeats.com/#/idevourstatic/ … odoo-curse

As for my dub prefrances, Creation Rebel & Scientist pretty much hit it on the head for me - DeFacto is realy good as well though.

Here is mine. I think I might have put too much echoes in that track. It used to be mellow but I guess I overworked it and now it's a bit messy: