Thursdaybloom wrote:
Poppi wrote:

My audio interface, editing software, trackpad and mouse are all fucked. That's right, Fucked.

And I'm poor and couldn't afford to fix these things in time because I just separated from somebody and consequently have two people's rent to pay until I can find new, suitable accommodation. That's right, I'm pissed off. They say "bad things come in threes", in my case it's more like seven or eights.

Time to take out a loan – thank capitalism for banks.

This makes me combination mad/sad. I hope things are alright for you!

+1, Poppi. Thinking of you. Hope things look up soon.

just went by to say that I really like that you all decided to be member of this project. Made a profile to comment on some tracks, but I will not participate. Listened to the first week and I really like what you guys did so far, keep the good work!

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Sorry to hear Poppi.  I was really looking forward to hearing your creations.  Maybe jump in when all is balanced in the world again?!

As for the majority of the songs, a very good standard overall!  Should be an interesting year.  And damn it took a while to listen to all the tunes!!

Thank you well-wishers. As of today I've initiated phase one of Operation Comeback.


Poppi wrote:

Thank you well-wishers. As of today I've initiated phase one of Operation Comeback.

Woohoo.  Good to hear!  smile


Glad to see I'm not the only one who failed miserably at the first hurdle. It started off well, had a nice 16 bar drum loop going on then succumbed to an acute case of loopitis. Had too many ideas and realised it would take too long to create.On Thursday I decided to just smoke some green and improvise over the loop, listened back and it sounded awesome. Woke up next day listened back and it sounded awful. I was too busy over the weekend to edit or try again.

I had cTrix comment on my track. Never been happier/more surprised at my success.

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I had nearly finished one song, got stuck on the lyrics, tried to write/record a short song on Sunday and ended up not finishing either of them. It didn't feel right to upload a song I had made for a video at work using Garageband drum loops and musical typing, so I didn't and as a result I failed week 1. Week 2 was a success though, and I've enjoyed listening to everyone's stuff for week 1!

After going through almost all the Week 1 contributions...i have to see...WOW! Excellent music all on a very high level. We are awesome!

Amazing submissions for week one. Blown away by both quality and quantity of WB.