This should be fun smile

My song for next week will have an autotuned G-ZOM sample for the chorus.

My hint is tx81z!

Homage to Starscream

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mf107 seems to be liking the rimshot tonight.....


there will be no gameboy 0.o

1.6 big_smile


Im gonna throw with a dice what is my main instrument and will make the slowest song I've ever made. Its gonna put people to sleep. This all might be a lie too, I dont know.

Baroness and then not sounding like Baroness at all.

J-Pop. That is all. XD


Depends on time (lacking this week - tonight was my night off!).  Would love to get the Rockit8bit going

Surprise diminished 7ths.

Maybe kinda trip-hop? Except with a jammy telecaster solo? Or not?

Mine will probably be something I write today on a 30 hour flight to the other side of the word for two years.