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Just a live blues trio (and a snare that rattles)

By djippy on May 12, 2024 8:05 pm

Bertrude Rock original trio (without any singer) Original bassman was in Montreal for a week and we could manage to have 2 hrs of rock-blues.

This is Cell phone recording, phone is behind the drum kit on a hi tablet, added a bit of short reverb an LANDR Mastering.

Hope you guys will enjoy this. Sorry I didn't compose anything this week as I did release the "Ami avec un robot" tracks and took it easy after!

Low key, I love these kinds of recordings.
- Devieus

The rattly snare takes me back to every jam sesh I've ever been to lol. What a great jam! Thanks for sharing.

Oooh that snare what a lovely gritty feel it has with it's hypnotic rattler.  I def would enjoy hearing this with a cold drink in a darkly lit room.  Suhweet solo and bluesy vibes.

Man, I actually really dig the low quality recording. Gives it a whole ton of personality. This is great!

Everything is vintage and smoky like hell.

This sounds super cool to me, the rattly snare hits just right, heavy and warm

Haha landr mastering on a cell phone recording... would never have thought to do that but sounds great! I love the warmth and personality you have going here. Really nice

thanks for this, haven't been to a live show in a minute and it felt like i was there

Nice viiiiibe. That solo from 2:58 is goooood. The guitar really wails, and it smells of whisky and cigar. Beautiful!

Love the chill vibe. I would really enjoy sitting in a cozy bar with this playing on the background

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