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Chaos Theory

By Daisy on June 30, 2024 12:07 pm

It is Chromatic, lots of half-steps.  I don't know what this is about. Please feel free to interpret for me. Originally written for piano, I tried arranging it for other instruments, but I kept coming back to piano--I really like the piano by itself for this piece. There seems to be a question asked and answered. The slower line in the left hand is courageous. I tried giving it to a Trombone-- but the piano was what my ear wanted.  There are nuanced pauses (none of them are identical by design), dynamic and Tempo changes that I felt, with no discernible reason to feel them.
I just finished watching 3 Body Problem on Netflix, maybe that incredible story influenced me. I also watched Oppenheimer where quantum physics is mentioned. I have always been fascinated by quantum physics. Could this be the possible thoughts of Schoedinger's cat in its box?
I might sense cats on the keys....

first off - i love that, was really fun to listen to.

the thing that popped in my mind was the chaos of US politics. like there are all these rules, some written and some not, but it always seems like the floor is shifting and the people (mostly rich white dudes) who are "in charge" are just constantly changing the game to suit their petty desires.

ANYWAY. i think i like the idea of a cat running on the piano keys better  smile

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