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Make-Believes and Plans

By Cursory on July 7, 2024 11:55 pm

Happy Week 27! Back home this week but summer means spending time on home projects. Still very behind on listening and commenting >.<

Getting much more efficient in my recording process, largely by necessity but I’m not complaining. Very much sneaking in before the deadline. You won't believe it if you've listened to previous tracks of mine, but this song features acoustic and slide guitar lol

Had some good nephew time during my trip, endlessly fascinated by watching kids make sense of the world. Seemed worth putting to song.

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Best part about being around young people is seeing things through their eyes and watching them piece it all together. Fantastic theme.

Sir, your music is outstanding. You bring it all together perfectly . There is not one single note too much or too less. I am flashed and hono

Beautiful work. big_smile And I actually really like the line that got changed as it is - I think it works both ways. Happy Week 27!

absolute Cursory gem right here

thank you Cursory for a much needed dose of gentleness...

wow this is great! such a vibe, a favorite for sure.

daaaang this is so good.  Your vocals sound great and are mixed perfectly in the mix with the guitars.  Excellent slide guitar melody.  Totally agree with Q-Rosh you know how to bring it together.  Lovely song.

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