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panettone dialtone (M8)

By bryface on April 1, 2024 12:01 am

kinda bleh week and execution but whatevers.  M8 render, no samples.  Started this one this morning -- all percussion exclusively uses the Dirtywave DW01 drums instrument pack (i bought it, i should probably use it, right?).  Insert youtube bruh Chord Packz ad voice

Dialtone pronounced "dee-al-toe-nay" I presume.

Real nice lead on this one!

0F wrote:

Dialtone pronounced "dee-al-toe-nay" I presume.

This is the way.

This a good jam!

(but no jam on the panettone plz)  Also, very impressed you did this all in Synths with no samps!

love some out of season panettone! so good!

every time you post a "no samples" m8 track my imposter syndrome ramps up slightly.

cool chord progression during the little bridge section, great sounds and nice chill track overall.

Love the lead that comes in at 0:16, great sound, and it's a fun, funky little melody.  Sets a great vibe for the track.

Nice groove!

I loooooove the funky vibe that main lead lends to the tune. This sounds great!!!

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