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Spring Rain

By As_Yoesual on April 6, 2024 7:48 pm

Cant believe we are already three months into the weekly beats challenge.
*wipes of sweat*

Something that reminds me of early morning rain during Spring time.
The cold weather behind me, and --hopefully-- better and warmer times to come.

As user "rplktr" said a few times (in various ways):
"If you have little time then maybe don't go for an 8-minute duration"
*stares at 15 minute track*

I should try to make a shorter track and put the time I'd use on a longer track to put in more effort making the whole track... whole? add more pazazz to transitions, put more love into the breaks, that sorta thing.
That said, I enjoy taking my time with the track itself, slow-building and adding more elements over time, but I might be pushing it lately.

Maaaybe next one, hehe.

Love this track - the 14min was totally worth it! Really chill track, but gains a bunch of energy in those last ~4min. Really cool vibe!

This turned out really good! It doesn't sound at all like you take too little time to do transitions. The patient building of everything has such an organic feel to it that you don't really need elements that tell the listener "pay attention, something's going to happen"

dude this is amazing. you already have a set for a full blown party. true, could be more polished, but it's already great and if you could do some part of it live you'll destroy the club with this

haven't heard the full track yet but so far I love the hard hitting elements as well as the little details, like the little water sounding blips and bloops. amazing stuff!

finished the track. great stuff man. strong melodies, groovy beat, nice details. standard is high lol

Don't read too much into my comments, I often comment with a suggestion or an observation in hopes it will be useful. I treat Weekly Beats like a "study group", we're in this together, getting better through practice. Feedback is an important piece of this, I feel.

In this case, I just responded to you saying you don't have too much time to work on your tracks. I wish mine could be longer but that's my problem as well: limited time.

If your reaction is to make a track of double the duration of the previous one, I'd say: success big_smile It's a nice build, and the foley sounds make it pretty immersive.

rplktr wrote:

Don't read too much into my comments,...
I just responded to you saying you don't have too much time to work on your tracks
If your reaction is to make a track of double the duration of the previous one

sorry for butchering your quote, hehe.
It was just a comment sticking in the back of my head. I actually appreciate the comment and try to keep it as my mantra, but to no avail so far. Actually, I've appreciated all your comments so far! *hugs*

It also wasn't a direct reaction; I set out and tried to keep it short, and once I felt the track was done, I looked at the duration and remembered your quote, and thought to myself; "Welp, I definitely have a problem." haha.

I hope you'll find some additional time, we all deserve some in our busy lives!

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