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so im just throwing this out there, but what if it were the case that all first week musicians music got put into "week 1" and for each week that you put in an additional song you would advance a week for your "week 2" song and so on.  once you reach 52 weeks you get inducted into the site hall of fame or something.  if that were the case, the website could keep going on after 2012 with it still be fully open to all new participants to complete the 52 week challenge.  this way if the site picks up a lot of popularity later on in the year (which im thinking it just might if things keep being this awesome..) it will allow the people who started at the beginning to maintain their original timeline while still allowing new people to enter and get the full experience.  that being said, i dont know how hard that would be to do, or if other people doing this would be interested in this sort of thing, but i figured itd be worth sharing.

I like this idea. would make it easy to see who is still in the running for the 52 weeks thing...

Thank you for making the music available to be downloaded. I love all these beats, and I want to have each week as an album in my music collection.

Two suggestions:
1. Can something be done to fix the ID3 tags on upload? Of the first week's songs, only about half have proper tags. It'd be great if on upload it would auto-set the artist and track title, and set the album to 'Weekly Beats 2012 Week #'. (And I'm sure any comments, and the link to the song page could be put in there, too)

2. I don't know what the bandwidth cost is like for you with everyone downloading the music. What do you think about collating each week's uploads into a torrent, and linking to it from the week and the week's songs? It seems win-win from my perspective, but I suppose it depends on what the artists think too.

@MrTrick what if people wanted to use their own tags?

I think it would be nice if we could edit posts, I keep making mistakes and updating things, so I have to delete it them and post again. And then things are not in order. :o
And could we have the " Never show smilies as icons (images) for this post." option on the in-page reply box, not just the editing ones?

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If someone wants to upload a song and call it 'Crisp Crumpets' but have the ID3:title be 'Honky Foglights'... frankly I'd think they're a bit strange. ^_^

I don't mean that all the existing tags should be removed, just to set artist/title/album.

one quick fix that I could think of: on the mp3 player, color code each week's submissions, since it goes straight from week 1 to week 2

Would be nice to have a number of plays for each track so that I know whether people didn't comment or just didn't listen tongue

I mentioned this in IRC but I'll mention it here. Can we have either the Previous/Next Item buttons or the first line of the title offset slightly so the buttons stop covering the title. For example, if the first line of track title was moved down by the height of the buttons you'd be able to read all of the word TOWARDS instead of just the TO in my week 02 submission.

Is there a forum search? Can't seem to find a collab thread or subforum

How about this: profile status that changes according to how active you've been. The idea is straight from forums, where more posts will earn you better ranking and titles like "expert critic", "obsessive listener" and so on. The more tracks you listen to (and ideally the more you comment on), the better your rank. That way you give people a goal that will encourage interaction. And it might help all those poor wretches with 0 comments - I know what it's like, I've been there! Guess it's quite a bit of coding, but it will probably be fun to do if you like that sort of thing..

Since you can use BBCode in the description for your songs, it'd be great if we could also preview said descriptions like we can with forum posts! smile

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This isn't a suggestion, I just wanted to say how much I love the site's look.
So clean, there's no meaningless stuff.
Slick and spartan, wonderful! big_smile
That is all.