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By xavoneir on July 1, 2018 4:59 pm

"At the final moment of your being, you come to realize what had put you into this place to begin with. You were, at one point, a crew member on a storage vessel that was bringing supplies from one reality to another through a device known as a Gate. However, something within the vessel went wrong as you traveled through it, and you were forced to ditch the vessel from its escape pod. You were the only survivor, and you were from then on trapped between two separate universes. You floated in a space of incomprehensible blackness, eventually settling into a subspace of some larger hub that spanned the edges of the space between realities. The life support systems within the escape pod, which were attached to your body once you awoke, were the only things keeping you alive. At some point, you were discovered in this subspace, just as you woke up. As you left the capsule, a higher being found you, and brought you back to the closest reality, and in doing so revealed to you a glimpse of the realities that lie outside of what is curated by the Gates. You took a glimpse of infinity, and in doing so had cursed yourself to become subject to it in your final moments. Before you came to this place, you remember someone telling you of this sickness, though you cannot remember it now. At long last, your infinity draws to a close."

This is the final segment in the story that has been told throughout the first half of 2018, one that has yet to have a name. It is the tale of a nameless being who is subject to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control and afflicted by a deadly ailment known as Omniontia. I wanted to make sure that it was not only named differently from the other tracks I've created this year, but that it stood out composition-wise as being a bit more fleshed-out, thorough, and resonant. Even so, I am not 100% confident that this is a solid enough work to place at the finale of this story. I hope I have met with your expectations throughout this story, and for the rest of the year I shall reveal more and more of the realms wherein stories such as this one take place.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

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