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Elegy to Aedd

By xavoneir on July 8, 2018 9:28 pm

Aedd is an Elder God responsible for the creation of a majority of the stars of the Polyverse. The Elegy to Aedd is an ancient lamentation of the self-sacrifice Aedd goes through when channeling its power, as every star that it creates is a part of it, and as the stars grow old and die, Aedd does so as well. Moreover, the last living prophet to Aedd is a being known as Glendwynn, a being that has lived for hundreds of thousands of Aeons and is one of the last few surviving members of an allegedly long-dead species. As Glendwynn is the prophet to Aedd, Glendwynn inherits its elegy as their own leitmotif. To channel Aedd's power is to take from that which gives Aedd life, and to receive the blessing of Aedd is to absorb an energy that takes one's own life - thus is the loss this elegy laments. Aedd's number is 12, and Aedd's color is periwinkle. The Elegy to Aedd can be heard during the Omniontiac's Nightmare, when the nameless protagonist is about to dive underwater to reach the submersible along with their wandering partner. Glendwynn watches these events from above, although the protagonist is unaware of these greater powers observing them.

This track is much less polished than I would like it to be. I spend less time on it than I did the finale of the Omiontiac's Nightmare, which is the working name for the weekly story told up until this point. I want every release after that to be a sort of vignette of a specific aspect of the Polyverse. Glendwynn and Aedd play a crucial role in quite a few stories throughout the Polyverse, and so I wanted to make sure that their theme was just right in its melody. I think I about nailed it, though the production on this track does not live up to the elegy it is supposed to support. I will no doubt return later to do many more renditions of this elegy in a variety of styles.

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