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Chaotic Collapse

By xavoneir on June 9, 2018 8:39 pm

"As your submersible is pelted with projectile after projectile, you realize that there is some quarrel aboard the vagabonds' ship. It seems as though arguments are beginning to take shape between the leadership of the vagabonds and their people, although you are not certain about what. All the while this is happening, your partner continues to steer the submersible out of the way and through the wild, crashing waves that are flooding into the superstructure around you. The vagabonds begin to fire explosive projectiles at you, many of them going off underwater. Shrapnel whizzes past you as you open the top hatch of the submersible upon finding a weapon and attempt to fire back at the vagabonds. The submersible is rocked and dented violently and suddenly as the explosive rounds reach a little too close for comfort. The wanderer alerts you grimly that the vehicle is taking water and that the damage is irreversible. You look back to the wanderer and then towards the vagabonds in horror, with the same dread you are feeling staining all of their eyes as they scramble furiously to remain alive and to obliterate one another. The chaos crescendos further as the massive lights that beam down from above the giant mechanical arms at the top of the superstructure begin to flicker and fade out, leaving only the lights on either of the vessels to display who is where, the light from the explosive rounds underwater drowning out these signs every few seconds. Cracking noises, loud crashes, distorted explosions, and distant shouting all torment you and deafen you as the state of the superstructure itself becomes unstable. Massive cracks form in the walls of the structure, stopping the vagabonds' argument in its tracks. Natural light begins to shine through the cracks ever so slightly in thin bars of pure dread, and water quickly follows. The structure is collapsing in on itself, and you are inside of it."

This track was meant to express a growing dread, a turbulent battle at sea, and multiple things becoming too much to bear all at once. While this is not to sound chaotic, as I have attempted to use chaotic music to signify a lack of understanding of a situation, it is supposed to be more and more dreadful, which then stops in its tracks to behold a far greater dread than all up until it. It is the climax of the story, essentially, and I likely took some inspiration from the Ratchet & Clank soundtrack.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

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