Weeklybeats is a 52 week long music project in which artists compose and publicly release 1 song a week for the entire year.
Starting December 29th 2019 GMT each participant will have one week to upload one finished composition. Any style of music or selection of instruments are welcomed and encouraged. Sign up or Login to get started or check our FAQ for any help or questions you may have.


By Waterchild on August 19, 2018 9:33 am

This project has the same neuro bass style I've been working on lately, but this time I used FM8 instead of Serum. I liked the results a lot, the sound came out a bit 'grittier' and less 'squelchy', which my recent Serum basses sometimes lean towards. There's also a riff done in Razor and a *tiny* bit of Serum in there too. All in all, I've been having a lot of fun with this style of music recently.

A good friend of mine told me this week to keep in mind the differences between a 'song' and 'sound design'. Sound design, while it can be impressive- doesn't necessarily make what you're hearing a song. In some cases melodies get traded in for what you can do rhythmically with the sound you've created. In the case of these recent weekly beats, much of the sound is dictated by whatever resulted from the initial sound design session- made before the beat itself. It's easy for the loud, frequency-packed Neuro basses to 'take over' whats happening.

The way I've been designing basses recently revolves around picking a note and sticking to it- writing the same note in different octaves, incorporating pitch bends, and doing so in a rhythmic fashion. Then I record long bits of audio out of the synth to be chopped and sampled over the drums. Almost like a chugging breakdown. However, it's usually quite difficult to fit chords or intricate melodies to these one note riffs. So I've been creating elements to fit with the basses using one note at a time.

So, is it a song or is it not a song? I pretty much have no idea. This has turned me onto the notion that there is a ton of music out there right now that is less of a song in the traditional sense, but rather more rhythmic sound design. However some of the best music out there right now are great songs that also feature great sound design.

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