Weeklybeats 2020 was a 52 week long music project in which artists composed and publicly released 1 song a week for the entire year. Enjoy this archive of over 7,500 music compositions by over 300 artists.
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By ViridianLoom on November 29, 2020 9:25 pm

Something I've received some criticism for from my band mates is that sometimes some of the stuff I write is in odd time for the sake of just being in an odd time, not necessarily because it actually grooves. I mean, I don't think they've said it exactly like that verbatim but that was my take away. I'm working towards trying to practice more song writing in 4/4. I know, that sounds silly, but my brain is hardwired to subtract or add beats like all the time for some reason.

In the meantime here's a song in 27/16 lol

I don't know. Their criticism is valid and I can also get why, what they're talking about specifically is the type of music where you could have a riff that is 3/4 or 4/4 but you're either chopping or adding a beat to shift it into odd time territory. But I kind of like that shit. I mean not always, the method can be abused and come off as excessive, but I like that choppy feel sometimes. This particular song was inspired by a song from a Phoenix Wright game (I've forgotten which one, but it uses the exact same counting scheme as this tune). Once I realized that song was in 27/16 and how it came off sounding pretty natural I saw the opportunity to a fun little experiment to write a *riff* in 27/16. It turned into a song though because with a little improvising I was really loving the way this tune was coming along. It started to transform into a really cool vibe that felt new to me.

Just to outline the count on the initial riff here, if you count it as 3+3+3+5 then 3+3+3+4 it all adds up to 27 and continues to repeat that pattern until the pause that signals the transition into the next section, where I then count the new riff in 7+7+7+2. I definitely think the riff is 23/16 grooves a little better rhythmically since I was just feeling it at that point and not counting anymore. Compare that to the first riff where I literately just build a pattern of 3, 4, and 5 notes to fit the time signature. After that initial riff though, what I think helped the 27/16 section feel more natural was the bass line which I was REALLY happy with. I felt like I was taking some risks with resting on certain notes but it has some attitude.

There's a lot of layering that happens in the 23/16 riff but I like the overall effect it has, although it might be confusing/distracting to first time listeners. That's another thing I have difficult deciding on sometimes. Certain bands I really like build very complex harmony that isn't always easy to comprehend on the first listen although subsequent listens make it easier to digest and appreciate. Not trying to toot my own horn here like I wrote something brilliant, just wondering about how you know when you're in the right to write something that way or when you're in the wrong as far as it coming off as messy, chaotic, poorly arranged, you know?

This is a tune one of my drummer friends showed some interest in so maybe someday I'll collaborate with him to really bring an excellent beat on this tune. I was hoping to get him on this take but he's been pretty busy so it'll have to wait. We have some other tunes together and I've been recording some of those ideas this week, so someday we may release material together. You should check out his YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGDkUx8Nesk  smile

4 more weeks.

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November 30, 2020 1:15 am

Personally, I dig your time signature explorations. You make performing in them sound easy.
And ugh, only four more weeks? Feels like it flew by (though it definitely didn't at times).
Keep up the great work. smile See you at the finish line!

November 30, 2020 6:16 am

I don't know, I kind of think you should gravitate towards the music that either makes you happy, or excites you as an artist. Naturally you're going to have to be more flexible if you're in a band, but there's balance there, too.

Dig the track though. I don't really know the first thing about playing in unusual time signatures, so I love hearing it when other people do.

December 2, 2020 1:29 am

Haha i hear where you're coming from. I love the tension that can come from an unusual time signature, as it may surprise the listener. Thinking of March of the Pigs (27/8 or something like that?) or any Tool record or many Soundgarden tracks (Outshined!). And when you go to non western music, like polyrhythmic African music, the argument becomes even mooter (autocorrect tells me there is no such word). But more importantly, the whole point is to enjoy what we're doing and exploring, so keep doing what feels right.

I enjoyed the track here. Good guitar tones and tasty licks. Keep up the cool tracks!

December 2, 2020 3:38 pm

You make it sound so natural, I don't really hear the odd timing but probably a bitch to learn as a bandmate.  Keep doing what you're doing! Very enjoyable track.

December 2, 2020 11:52 pm

It grooves as hard as a Secret of Mana song, so maybe it doesn't groove, but it's definitely doing something.

December 9, 2020 7:38 pm

Heavenly sounding guitars for my ears and insame rhythmic maneuvers. Great stuff.

December 17, 2020 12:22 am

You: I've received some criticism.  Why???

Also You: Here's a song in 27/16


Next time you get criticism u need to say "GET ON MY LEVEL, NOOBS"

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