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Once Above, Now Below

By ViridianLoom on January 19, 2020 11:35 pm

So right after uploading last week's track I was messing around on the piano to come up with ideas for week 3 and I settled on an idea I thought was pretty cool. Sat on it all week deciding what I should do with it, tried somethings here and there but nothing stuck. Thought I was going to have to come up with something else in order to get something done this week. But you know, weeklybeats lights a fire under your ass, and I managed to write the rest of the song today and get this thing finished. Short and sweet but I'm really happy with the outcome. Fun music theory facts, the song shifts between 11/8 and 4/4 with two key changes. I used C minor to solo over one section and A Harmonic Minor on the other for a cool vibe.

As for the song title, this week I began playing that game Hades which is centered around Greek Mythology. It reminded me of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, the minstrel who's wife dies from a snake bite and he ventures to the underworld to make a deal with Hades for her return. Hades agrees to the deal under the condition that Orpheus lead her to the surface without ever turning around to look at her. But, as tragic tales would go, he looks just before he reaches the surface and she disappears forever and he's condemned to the underworld. Once above, now below.

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January 20, 2020 12:09 am

big mood

Really nice work with the unorthodox timesigs!

January 20, 2020 12:11 am

a tragic tale for sure! 11/8 is my favourite time signature! great going!

January 20, 2020 12:12 am

Great interplay between the piano and the guitar.

January 20, 2020 12:22 am

Super sleek, mysterious ambiance that builds up perfectly, well done!

January 20, 2020 12:58 am

The mention of Orpheus gave me chills, love the melancholy vibe in this!

January 20, 2020 6:10 am

Moody and dark, love it!

January 21, 2020 12:25 am

Some great ideas here.  Nice one.

January 21, 2020 11:25 am

this is great. lovely groove with the odd times

January 22, 2020 9:02 am

pimpf-like and no mistake. A bit like a version if DM suddenly decided to be a rock band. Oh, wait a minute... Great track, really nice piano especially.

January 23, 2020 10:14 pm

really neat piece!

January 26, 2020 10:56 pm

The time signature really gives this an unsettling groove. Subtly menacing. I'd love to hear it with a bit more bite and aggression towards the end, but otherwise this is great!

February 5, 2020 9:18 pm

Not so kind on the drums, but I really LOVED the piano. Your composition really distilled drama and tension.

I really liked this one. Downloaded, of course.

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