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Rise Against 2018 (Scrapped Demo Version)

By Tweaklab on July 15, 2018 11:49 pm

Alright, firstly, thank you to everyone for your empathy towards moving house. We are finally (mostly) settled in and I have a much much better space for music making! I've gone from being shoulder to shoulder with my wife operating on two corner desks in the smallest room in the house to having a massive office desk all to myself, with my wife on her own side of the room (the new place has 3 interconnected living spaces so we claimed one for our study!) our girls (4 and 5) now have their own bedroom AND playroom, after sharing a combined room for both beds and toys for the past 3 years. They also gained a bath out of the new place so they are super happy lol. We have gone from having a garage with no lights and no power, to having under house storage that fits my MAME machine and also has lights + power. Massive upgrade and MetalJesus mancave in the making.

So Rise Against was a tune I originally started in 2015 and "released" as a Weekly Beat in 2016. To this day I am still not convinced I have a "final" version of it or that it has reached it's full potential, I've written lyrics for it and was planning on finding time (hahaha) to record them for this week. The "final" version I am hoping to achieve will land somewhere between a Celldweller and Circle of Dust track. What has resulted is a 1 hour rushed attempt at re-creating a track I spent months on (more time than any other track I've worked on to date) so, here it is in all it's shelf worthy glory. A rushed Demo that I will never bother working on beyond the edit you are hearing now. But, I am committed to making the "Final" version of the track before the end of the year. Witching Hour was another iteration of Rise Against as well, I thought "Maybe I'll make it a Rob Zombie track" even though it shares the same riff it's still a different track / version etc etc. Anywho, in my mind this is the best riff I have ever come up with so I want it to one day be "finished" in my own mind. The full version has a verse, bridge, chorus, break down etc. At least in my head it does! I also wanted an excuse to play the 8-String now that my hands have recovered from the house move.

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July 19, 2018 6:46 pm

lol at MetalJesus mancave.  hilarious mental image.
wow, the new place sounds awesome, when can I visit and record some tracks in the TWEAKLAB?!?!?!?

I love that intro beat with the muffled kick and click.  Nice variety.  I also like the high pitch percussion noisey thingy.  Great DnB fills. 


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