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Movement in Blue and Gray (Ambient #3)

By Tomatron.Jones on May 5, 2024 9:09 pm

This one was inspired by the track 'Bags Theme' on Petey's album 'USA'. He's an indie rock artist but that track, the first on the album, is an introspective, almost ambient intro that I really love. I like the build up and tones, seeking to do something similar using slow string synth sounds and cello and viola samples, chopped and mangled with a few other textural elements. Plus ample use of RC-20 for the magnetic effect. I'm fairly happy with it but got kinda stuck, it doesn't quite have the harmonic progression and catchiness of Petey's track, but a good exploration in various timbres. I also add some binaural automation for a few of the elements, mainly the viola melody, which moves and swirls around the listener.

* Massive synth plugin for string sounds
* Samples from Splice - cello, viola, texture
* Max 4 Live 'SPAT' for spatial / binaural audio
* Transit, Trackspacer, RC-20 plugins
* Gullfoss and Ozone for mastering

Total time: 4.5 hours

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