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Ilex Vertice

By Skueue on February 4, 2018 10:40 am

Written in Puredata and Mastered in Reaper

Harmonic Structure is made of 17 Equal Divisions of the Octave

Recorded as a live performance (20mins) then edited down to about 3 minutes of the best material

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

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February 5, 2018 2:06 am

wow, that "swarm" at around 1/3 of the way in is crazy

I still find most xenharmonic music fairly "ugly" but this piece is quite compelling, maybe my ears are slowly getting used to it

February 5, 2018 6:29 am

I'm trying to do really obvious and well telegraphed 'functional harmony' within the tracks so that it's (harmonically) easy to follow, without needing to compromise on all the 'metal dissonance' that I also want to chuck into everything, so I try to have at least one 'resolve' or 'payoff' where there is a harmonically 'simple' section that helps your ear to make sense of the rest of it

February 8, 2018 11:55 pm

you've been doing some really cool/interesting stuff!

February 9, 2018 3:43 am

Engaging--melodic in a way that a lot of algorithmic work doesn't seem to do.  Compelling!

February 11, 2018 6:16 am
budmelvin wrote:

you've been doing some really cool/interesting stuff!

thanks ^_^

it's getting difficult to keep up the level of quality on a weekly basis, I had to churn through 4 tracks this week to get one good enough to be a keep (next weeks track - sneeb eight) I'll try to keep it up

onezero wrote:

Engaging--melodic in a way that a lot of algorithmic work doesn't seem to do.  Compelling!

the main thing is that I taught the computer how to do 'human like' melodic contour and shapes, and I have built in modifiers for rhythmic phrasing (by tieing it to the rhythm generator)

Getting rhythm right for the melodies is half the battle

I limit the available notes in the scale, on a 'per bar' basis, so that the harmony makes logical sense in terms of 'functional harmony' theory

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