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Brittabamma braces for the boom boom

By Ryan on April 19, 2020 8:02 am

I feel bad for not doing much listening on Weeklybeats recently, I plan to catch up big time this week.

Found a bit of time to play with the Digitakt this week, I kept trying to add things to this track to flesh it out but in the end I was just happier with this as a groove piece. There is quite a bit of random parameterisation going on in the sequencer so I find the piece never sounds too repetitive anyway.

Shout out to my daughter Izzy for providing royalty-free samples for this one.

This piece has such a wonderful feeling of flow to it. Really like the way all the pieces fit together and stay interesting from start to finish.

Those bongo drums and that bendy string, and the pitchy vocals sound so exotic together, very sunny feeling somehow. Love the little reverses, they add a lovely extra smoothness to the piece. Very nice.

I agree with the sunny feeling.  I'm actually getting a bit of a vibe of the tropics.  Excellent guest appearance from your daughter as well. 

Good to hear Izzy's voice in there and a pretty cool track I reckon!  A great blend of instruments and layers.

The delay is sick. 1 up for kids vocals samples! Great track this week man.

Love the Izzy intro especially the deep bend to get it started.  The guitar sounds like a mandolin at times with those bends.  The percussion really strengthens the groove too.  Nice work!

those string sounds are fantastic. twangy echoes give it a drone vibe

so groovy and sunny. it has tons of cool breaks and nice exotic vibes. wonderful work.

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