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rough edge (120818_135bpm)

By royb0t on December 8, 2018 10:22 pm

I finally got my Omnirax Force 24 desk delivered this past week after ordering it on 11/19 and lots of back and forth with Guitar Center. It's huge and ridiculous and I love it. It came in 5 boxes and the last one was huge and heavy and my landlord helped me carry it up to my apartment, totally didn't expect that.

Of course it was a day before hanging out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while (who kinda fell into a depression spiral) so I pieced it all together that evening then was happy to hang out and just shoot the breeze and catch up. The week felt really busy nothing unmanageable but just a lot of things going on. Thursday Gnosis session had a mini session for our label and I have been feeling soo ready for this year to be over and to just make 2019 month after month of awesome craziness for music and art. I'm so ready.

Friday ended with a friend's show and I left almost immediately after the performances wrapped up. Had McDonald's as a quick dinner with my friend and oh man, by the end of the night it was not sitting well with me. But I guess the beer didn't help either. Anyway, just recouping today and finally sitting down to write my first track on my upgraded spaceship. Hope the levels aren't too atrocious. My speakers are at a slightly elevated height and spatially I'm a bit further from my walls, I dunno - feel like I gotta recalibrate my ears just a smidge to this new setup. Ah well.

3 weeks left let's rock this!

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