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Winds On Mars

By Robroy on December 9, 2018 9:23 pm

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February 17, 2020 11:29 am

AH, those chimes are sampleable as hell! I'm really curious about your creative process, because your sound palette is excellent

February 23, 2020 11:09 am
laguna wrote:

AH, those chimes are sampleable as hell! I'm really curious about your creative process, because your sound palette is excellent

Thanks, yes listening back I really like the chimes.

On process, I listen to a lot of stuff, as much as I can I'll listen to an album a day from loads of different styles. I have a list of albums I've put aside on Spotify and then put one in as album of the day and listen to that. I try to get new and also the best of styles from blues, country, latin, etc.

I have a lot of samples which I'll listen to and organise and instruments. So when I sit down it's easy for me to play around and find something of interest to start with. I also have a bunch of arrangement templates and some fall back transition stuff so when I have something that is working in a jam on Ableton I can easily switch over to arrange.

I think also the big thing Weekly Beats has given me is no fear on not finishing a track. I'm sure you have the same, after completing the years you know when you sit down you can get a track done. Never sure of the sound and quality but regardless of that you always have next week..

If I'm finding it harder to get something I'll start with some perc and top loops to get a groove going, but often it's a lead or vox of chords then build from that. I do that in Ableton Session, until I've got something I like. Then I'll break it in different scenes for intro, verse, chorus, middle 8, etc. As I'm going through I kind of mix on the go, so I'll lo cut everything apart from bass & drums and start panning the parts. I'll also add in effects.

I normally do a mix before the arrange, which as I write this I'm now thinking about if that's the best approach. To mix I take every channel to 0, then start moving them up from low to high sounds and set levels and EQ as I go along. I make sure I have a lot of head room in the main channel as I master with Landr, I've had good results with that, could I do better myself, hmm maybe but I'd rather get on with producing new tracks than trying to be a great mastering engineer.

For arrangement, I have Push 2 so my pref is to play live, record then tweak but often I'll just cut and paste and build up the track from that then do any automation and fill edits in that section.

There are a ton of different ways I'd love to try but as always it's the time to try. The great think with music it's always evolving and we're always learning.

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