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Guido’s Cybernetics Customs and Repair (VRC7+2A03)

By rayjkayj on January 25, 2024 5:31 pm

Despite his Mech shop being mostly destroyed and losing his arm in the wake of Chaosators rampage, Guido don’t give up! Now that the dust has settled after the fiends defeat by the Blazing Hero, Guido is set to rebuild. Now equipped with a state of the art Cybernetic arm (with the woirks thank you very much) He’s already established himself as the best around for pretty mich anything Cybernetics, be it minor repairs or top of the line components (again don’t ask how he gets em) for your robotic appendages!

Made in Deflemask mobile using the NES+VRC7 module

This is a follow up if sortsto this track

Check out the whole “story” if you’d like

NICE lead! Groovy stuff. Fun fiction in the track description too. big_smile

that VRC7 lead is great! what a wonderfully grungey track, really fits with the theme you wrote for it!

Bionic Commando would be proud and wanting to take part I believe.  I'm never good with trackers but deflemask sounds like it has a lot of fun sound modules to play with.  Nice work!

Oh yea, when that lead hits it's so right. Reminds me a good bit of Streets of Rage (and Spiderman vs. X-Men). Yuzo Koshiro and Tim Follin live in all of us VGM lovers. Good rhythm base to keep the track trucking along!

He seems trustworthy. How can he not with a catchy tune like this.
- Devieus

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