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Six Pounds of Piss

By Pop Tronics on May 12, 2024 9:10 pm

This is a true story about going to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Rolling down the highway rolling down the road
The two in the front they were getting stoned.
The breeze is flowing to see BJM were going
The scene in the backseat the front is unknowing
Sipping beers and sipping them slow
2 hours in and a few miles to go
Bottle after bottle one could not resist
Bottle after bottle six pound of piss

Six pounds of piss

Psychedelic haze at the venue we wait
Anticipations high yet we have to stand in line
The music was loud and the crowd was live
Counting seconds how you’ll pass your time.
It’s a desperate fight. a fight with within your body
Without a sound the bladder scream loudly
Pat down, ID check. pass through the crowd unwieldy. it’s this relief towards which were building

Big fan of the chorus on this one.

bothelbows wrote:

Big fan of the chorus on this one.

It's a bit crass, but catchy. I was trying to make a metal song, but it ended up sounding more like a Butthole Surfers song.

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