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Liquor Strip Rap

By Pop Tronics on June 30, 2024 3:34 am

Cider and seltzers I can drink them faster.
Get the flight cause I want a taster.
Red red wine will do just fine,
white wine will take you out of yr mind.

Cause you don’t wanna see all the things
all the things my eyes have seen

Tip the bill. If only was true. I’d have patience for your fucking attitude. I might set loose. Gin and juice and Long Island teas that don’t disagree. Pouring liquor pouring shots sippin brewhahas poppin tops. It’s a lot of liquor in yr gut. Aphrodisiac make ya wanna fuck. I’m serving whiskey and rye and tequila sunrise

Making decisions you’ll live to regret. White Cocaine and cigarettes
When yr flying high you’ll know what I mean. Amy drinks are strong and my weed is green.

Drinking libations cause life’s a celebration.
So let the booze flow Pour it into the street
Get wobbly and loose ur feet.
We may stumble we may slur our words
it might be a disease, but I got the cure.
Sucking beer like air and you don’t even care when yr livers impaired
I went into surgery and I got a spare.
I’m like Bob and Doug cause I love the beer

Shots all around until you find the ground. Cause you gotta get drunk to get down.

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