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The Seventh Plague

By Phil Harmonic on February 18, 2024 10:48 am

some 7/8 some 4/4... i have a sore throat :<

^ my face.


Oh, I also thought to do a 7/8 signature for Week 7 but totally forgot. This tune does it great, combining 7/8 verses with a 4/4 "chorus", I guess. I like it!

And yes, indeed, that bass is something else. Great job!

Ohhh that bass is GROSSSSSSSSSS, nice work

Love the 7/8 rhythm, then BAAAAm 4/4 energy hit me right in the face! Love the lead solo in the second half, that sort of simple triangle/sine. Awesome stuff

it's spreading, I'm not feeling well either
this bass is sick too
- Ebrit

lol my god the bass in this one, especially around 00:50 in

the dissonant piano line adds a great vibe

Constructive feedback: I am not sure surgical masks are very helpful in the void of space.

That bass is sick! Loved the sound. The panic caffeine attack at 1:05 with its dissonant piano is a nice touch. That section at 1:37’with it’s cheeky synth is really nice too.

Constructive feedback 2: this lacks foley samples of juggling.

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