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Miso in Microgravity

By Phil Harmonic on January 21, 2024 12:29 pm

Trash my ass. Loved it. The line at like 1:20ish was my favorite. Took me to 8bit funk town

You make space miso sound so awesome. Anybody got a rocketship I can borrow? And also miso? big_smile

Hah! Your speedtrash is miles above my best track. This sounds great and the accompanying picture is fantastic too!

every sound in this tune is a full-on STAB and i'm here for it

hectic madscientist chord progs and super unhinged melodies, fun to listen to!

Great use of the sample
- Ebrit

I can't explain but this is exactly how I picture miso in microgravity, the chord changes after the drop (0:58) are tasty

What a colorful melody smile

Alright, that bass groove is super infectious - it is bouncy and makes things bounce around. Fun and whimsical lines, that is good. Ah ok the vibe changes at 1:00 - the robot like sounds are really cool. This feels a bit like the soundtrack to a quirky video game, either indy, or one of these weird katamari game.
Plus points for the progressions, dynamics in the track and how I get a sense that we're going somewhere and evolving with the track, while keeping the bounce. I dig taht 2:20 section.

I like the track for what it is, and kinda failed at constructive criticism.

Great impact on the drums and bass line! Digging the surprising moves in the melody line as well!

This mix tastes great.

Fun 😊 digging that beat and zany melody!

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