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Do I Have to Build this City by Myself?

By Nueli on January 13, 2024 12:37 am

This song started months ago with a melody I found doodling on my bass. I do not have the equipment to record myself, nor the skill to play properly, so I transcribed it on Renoise, expanded it, and finished it this week. I'm not happy with the mix though, but I like the ideas I put in the song so it evens out smile

This week I tried to write music on the tram while commuting (if a melody sounds good in this kind of noisy environment, it will sound good in a proper one). It's better than doomscrolling frankly. Then on the weekend I work on the finer details, polish, mix, search for interesting sounds, etc. I hope I can stick to this routine!

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC0 Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain)

Nice track! The sound could be more polished but the melodic ideas are pretty strong! I like the title too, I can imagine the story going on in the track. I like the different sections and layers that add some more movement as they enter the picture.

It's pretty muddy overall, I think it's something about the sounds and the mixing, something you can only improve with experience I guess. I don't know what you could do now to fix it; I don't think some soundgoodizer type mastering plugin could fix it 100% but it couldn't hurt to try. As a fun note, I also tried composing on m8 or ipad while on the airplane or bus, and in general those tracks end up very muddy and wacky. The sounds just don't translate to when I have good speakers, and I have to redo the whole thing. That or I might not have been inspired those times.

I don't think it is very muddy. Good work.

loved the arrangement and the bass groove. Drum sound also fit great
The mix isnt as bad as you're trying to sell too

Keep doodling with that bass ... good things happen apparently! Nice work.

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