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Everyday (2006)

By Nickmaynard on February 4, 2018 8:59 pm

My new year's resolution for 2018 was "NO NEW PROJECTS". I have a difficult time finishing things I've started and because of this my hard drives are littered with unfinished songs and videos. Over the past two weeks, I've begun systematically sorting through this material, organizing it, deleting things, and finishing projects. This may not be exactly within the rules of Weekly Beats but I'd like to use it as a place to post this material. These songs may have been started years ago but were never finished, never mixed, and never shared before now.
While I was in high school, Vic Alvarez began to perform music under the artist name "Ghost Tales". In a local scene largely dominated by hardcore and punk music, Ghost Tales really stood out with songs inspired by folk and country music. We became acquaintances, then friends. I loved his songs but I'd always wanted to hear them fleshed out with a full band. In late 2005, I messaged him on AOL Instant Messenger and asked if he'd want to work together to produce some of his songs. I had almost no idea what I was doing but we recorded about 8 or so songs before my hard drive fell off a table and I lost all of the files.

Flash forward to 2018 and I'm going through all of my stuff after buying a house and I find a binder of DVD-R's. One is simply labelled "EVERYDAY!" I actually have buy a USB disc drive in order to view the contents of the disc because MACs no longer come with disc drives. I'm shocked to find the recordings of this song - unmixed and unfinished.

I'm not entirely happy with how it came out but I literally had no idea what recording was when I originally recorded it so given that, I think I did the best I could.

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February 7, 2018 7:38 pm

It's pretty well done.

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