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missing time

By neon liminal on February 25, 2024 9:08 pm

Happier with the sound design than the arrangement on this one, but I'll admit, I liked it better as I mastered it. Some acid-FM techno with glitch trance-gates and a more consistent bass line than I've been serving, I learn a little every week and try to apply it.

There's a glitched out sample in there too that's not as filthy as I wanted it, so we might revisit that in the future.

Other deadlines this coming week so who knows what next will look like!

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CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

man i love the sequence and the energy of this song! really great track, the bass does add a lot

really like the subtle build ups to each section of the song + badass sound design

Definitely a beat to get lost in and just enjoy. Love the variations and how things ramp up towards the end.

Yeah, it does sound really good.

Really like the feel when the bass change scale under the same running arpeggios. There are multiple very thick sounds in here.

Fun track.

I like that rounded acid line so much. The transposition at 1:15 sits so well. Just energizes you to get back to the familiar loop. And then it just keeps on layering without feeling muddy. What a mix. I've got so much to learn about composition.

this one goes from the very start. loved the acid and all the layered distortion. favorited and downloaded!

When it enters that part at around 2mins, it gives me a very "heck yeah!". Sort of reminds me of the old One Must Fall 2097 soundtrack (pretty sure they used trackers for that too) - I think it's the combo of sounds you've chosen + the note progressions. Really cool!

Very strong arrangement, very cool sounds too
- Ebrit

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