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Picking Up Steam

By N_ronvaldez on January 14, 2024 10:58 pm

Well, here's what I apparently wanted to make for Week 2...
I wanna be able to make just a bunch of weird shit to JUSTIFY the privilege of making computer music, but also that gets tiring and can't always withstand all the war & late-stage capitalism (external) and/or bipolar/neurodivergent (internal) stuff. So this was me doing a basic-triadic melody cheery enough to convince me to finish it.

Q: How does one pick up steam?
A: With a steam shovel.

I loved the happy little arps. Thank you for the lift.

[img] https://m.media-amazon.com/images/W/MEDIAX_792452-T2/images/I/91K6t9GHAiL._AC_UF894,1000_QL80_.jpg [/img]

Lovely little bloops, made me happy smile

9bits???? BLASPHEMY!

bunch of cool sound design in there though, I'm not even mad

I love it when I hear the very first sound and already know I'm gonna dig it

keep finishing stuff like this, it's rad and needed

fetalface wrote:

Your joke blew my mind and the Happy Apple Stamp of Approval made my week. thank u

krig wrote:

i'm glad

XC3N wrote:

thank you XC3N, the sound design was the most fun i had on this one.

codydjango wrote:

Thank you codydjango, that's very kind. Best wishes

headbangin' xylophone yeah!!

The extra bit did it, I think! Nice work ... in spite of the late stage capitalism!

PeterM wrote:

The extra bit did it, I think! Nice work ... in spite of the late stage capitalism!

haha, cheers Peter!

Also, i'm unable to submit for Week3 on time but shoutout to user Fetalface for involving me in the music video for their Week3 beat! Thanks fetalface!

skitter-scatter cheeriness and motivation, love the introduction text, enjoy the vibe on this one

quirky and fun track! sad to miss you this week - keep going big_smile

Autovessel wrote:

ty for listening

hhuwoa wrote:

sad to miss you this week - keep going big_smile

thanks hhuwoa, spent the last few hours before deadline failing to recover corrupted stems instead of just redubbing. will do! smile

nice sounds!

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