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By mwmwmw on June 28, 2024 5:24 am

the chatter this week has been around the pre-carnate consciousness (where are you before you're born?)

scientists have discovered evidence of quantum effects in crystal lattices in the brain that could carry our consciousness (overview vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXElfzVgg6M). True or not (more study and evidence needed), what I find interesting about that is that it isn't neurons carrying your consciousness. That opens up the possibility that brain != consciousness. Could it be possible then, that your consciousness comes from the unliving (better be nicer to that rock) and requires the perpetual chemical reaction known as life to observe itself (access senses)?

Has the evolution of all life been movement from an internal experience (pure consciousness) to an external experience (sensory)? All of the stories we tell ourselves about life after death, gods and monsters, are really just echoes of the endless internal experience that is the consciousness of all matter?

Who knows! I think it's both fun and a waste of time to wax philosophical about these things. If only to remind me of how small we are, how nobody knows what they really are, and to treat everyone as best I can in an age of performance cruelty.

oh, and this song too

here is to 50% completion of weekly beat... I managed to do a song for every single week so far!

Probably not, but it's some tasty food for thought
- Ebrit

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