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Old Dan Tucker 2018

By leafo on December 27, 2018 7:57 pm

I'm operating on 1 hr of sleep because I needed to stay up late to finish this cause I'm heading on a plane to fly home for the new year.

It has been 5 years since my first weekly beat and I have finally done an entire 52 weeks straight without screwing up. Thank you to everyone who commented over the years, it means a lot to me. I hope I don't get disqualified because this song is actually a COVER. When I was practicing piano I found this easy folk song book at a thrift store and this was the first song in the book. I used it as a base song to practice different left hand patterns, singing along, and as a example song in my sight reading tool. I grew to enjoy singing it around the house loudly despite my room mates pleas to shut up. Now I have immortalized it into my final weekly beat of 2018.

This year I decided to do every song with live guitar tracking because I wanted to get better at playing guitar. I was able to use guitar on all the tracks (except 1 ludum dare one), but I don't think my skills increased that much. Like always, I put off making music until hours before the deadline on Sunday. I wasn't able to keep a regular practice schedule. I'm not sure what my musical adventures will be in the off year, but I think I want to get back into piano again.

Hope everyone has a great new year. I look forward to when we meet again

Diary: phew

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December 31, 2018 7:14 pm

Great '78 English Punk Sound! Solid guitars and vocals. Cheers and Happy New Year!

December 31, 2018 7:16 pm

Did you create that sight reading tool? I was just checking it out.  Very cool.

December 31, 2018 10:26 pm
NWSPR wrote:

Did you create that sight reading tool? I was just checking it out.  Very cool.

yeah, I got some updates that I haven't deployed yet (namely sounds from the browser). Hoping I'll have time to work on it more this coming year

January 2, 2019 1:42 am

oh, I know this song lol
I'm sorry I couldn't meet you at the end of the 52 weeks leafo
always fun seeing what you made at the last second, just like me

January 4, 2019 8:12 am

What you did wasn't a cover, it's a rendition.

I'd say you got pretty good on that guitar, though I don't know exactly what you started with, so there's that.

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