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By jbarket on March 1, 2024 12:20 am

I've been trying to put something a dnb track _forever_, and for reasons I can't explain it just doesn't come out of me. I'm pretty happy with this one. it definitely still sounds like I don't understand the rules and my brain still wants to make trance, but this is liquid-y enough to be worth rendering.

tried to get some vocals on here but nothing I could find really fit the bill. MAYBE LATER.

okay i've finally solved the sleepunit/jbarket mystery, wow.

liquid/trance/dnb i couldn't really tell you the difference but I CAN tell you this is maximum vibeage and if a song makes me want to play 1080º Snowboarding on Nintendo 64™ then it IS INDEED DNB


Knowing little about it, if it has drums, and a bass, it's by definition DnB (as long as there's some emphasis on those two). I think your melody is too strong for it, but that's not a bad thing, maybe you can pivot into making it your thing. Trance and bass sounds right and I dig it.
- Spider

This is really cool.

The only thing that sounds a bit out of place for DnB is the open cymbal on the quarter notes - they sound a bit too forward and controlled. I'd turn then down a bit, and/or shorten the tail, and maybe try a faster pattern with some accenting.

The rest of the soundscape is excellent.

sounds liquidy to me! nice track regardless, it really goes. Maybe just make your own genre, sounds great

I have no idea what genre of music I make and I have trouble defining genres period. All I know is I like this track!! TIL jbarket == sleepunit

Nice. Phat, wide, immersive

Very nice track! Absolutely love the vibe, everything is tasty here.

That drop hits hard. I dig it.

Cc I think my brain wanted the hats/perc to do a little more in the intro but not sure what. Have also mentioned elsewhere I tend to squash, tape saturate, and flange the shit out of my pianos. Could have maybe added some grit

Overall very solid track. Always so cool to see what everyone makes happen in a week!

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