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run the line

By jbarket on April 7, 2024 2:51 pm

let's get real nerdy for a second!

my track last week was trying to capture a sort of cyberpunk future vibe. when it came together, it really made me think of Jon William's Hardwired. if you haven't read it, it's the source material for the tabletop game that inspired Cyberpunk 2077. in typical cyberpunk fashion, the class divide has become extreme--the rich live in space stations, while us regular folk are left in the dirt.

I wanted to see if I could direct that vibe and tell a story in that universe over a number of songs. this week's is chronologically before last weeks. how far before? I have no idea.

in Hardwired, the orbitals make basic necessities either intentionally limited or financially unobtainable. if the people in the dirt are fighting each other, how can they rise up? as a result, you have runners who smuggle cargo across the country in these big, tank like hovercraft. things like medicine. the problem is, as they're doing their run, they're crossing into other territories that are in a similar state of desperate need. regular people at their breaking point.

in this track, I tried to capture what that's like for the runner. speed, tension, a desire to get through without harming other people and eventually, the need for self preservation and fight. I have no idea if any of that will come through to people who haven't read the book, or don't live in my head. hopefully the flood of foley isn't too much.

it's also a little on the long side. as always, in my head I'm making DJ friendly music. I shot for the sort of radio edit last week, and while I really liked the end result, I've found it harder to go _back_ and add in a boring lead in/outro than plan it ahead and trim it later. so trying the opposite here.

I didn't read the book, but I really like the tension built within the track.

Nice parts that locks well together.

Good work there.

Hi, growling neighbor! Great use of the vocal samples.

The mix of cyberpunk vibe and breakbeats is really nice. Those beats hit hard and I like you have these two layers - the super high octane lead with the beats and the slow bass. And a breathing sample! And gun foleys! Nice way to ground the track and take us into a world.

The stutter at 3:00 is a great idea for transition, I’ll steal that one!

Great cinematic track with this vision of running away.

Great use of samples, love that sound that is introduced at 2:58 (camera-zoom in effect?), its really out there but adds a lot to both the atmosphere and the beat. I've just played the game but it would definitely fit in a radio station there.

Man I really love the breakdown at around 1:33, with the vocal and heartbeat samples, I think it does a really great job of capturing that tension you are trying to capture.  Perfectly inline with that "High Tech Low Life" Cyberpunk aesthetic.  Great track.   

Lovn this!

wow, this track goes!! super cinematic and storytelling without losing the fun of the music. loved this! favorited

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