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obsession (extended)

By jbarket on May 25, 2024 3:42 pm

this week I had the urge to go back to the land of trance. layered 303s and an attempt at something truly hypnotic. it's a DJ friendly extended mix, so if that's not your bread and butter, ignore the first and last 16 bars, haha.

Was chair dancin' a bit.

This is EXACTLY my bread and butter. I mean, not as in "I make my living with this or even" I know how to make this". But more like "I love this". So maybe it's more my jam than my bread and butter.
Huh, so many breakfast based terms... Bow I'm hungry. Hahahahaha...
Awesome work on the tune, I love me a good four on the floor. You made things progress really nicely here. Indeed, hypnotic!

I had an idea for this week but now I’m inspired to layer the 303s

oh i love how this opens up after the first 16 bars. the layers are a delight. very hypnotic track and got me moving for sure

I'm really feeling these beats, and that synth fits so well, guess I can forgive you for those bars
- Ebrit

Minimal but very satisfying! The acidline is delicious.

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