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Scholar of the Bleep Bloop

By Jazzaria on March 24, 2024 10:10 pm

Music comes and music goes - the scholar's effort never slows. Studious yet jubilant, the scholar has no malintent.

Following the rhythmic dance, each beat is planned out in advance. Bleeps and bloops, bits and nibbles, bop around without a quibble.

Featuring a variety of synthesizer sounds, drum machines, and SNES-inspired leads.

Ha, an entirely different piece than the Junto this week! Some Carpenterian harmonic vibes in there at the beginning but quickly going into a more fairytale territory. And at the end back again to dystopia!

Nitpick: that harmonica in the middle part is quite piercing. I'd try putting it at -6 dB compared to now, I suspect it would still be perfectly audible and would sit better in the mix.

Thanks! And yeah makes sense, I just enjoy SNES leads a bit *too* much 😁

It's probably not helped by my choice to have those extended sustained notes as the leads trade - but I do enjoy the effect and harmonies that come out of that.

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