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Not Even Halfway

By impbox on April 14, 2024 11:56 pm

Been busy so feels a bit rushed, done all on M8, mostly using macrosyn physical models and internal resampling.
Was kinda going for a Ridge Racer Type 4 vibe, don't think I quite nailed it.

Wow, the variety of the sound design you're getting out of the M8 is really great! Cool track and 4 minutes to spare, too! wink

Never played ridge racer but this track is cool, some really nice sounds here. Especially like that percussive marimba-like sound that comes in at 3:00.

OMG, this sounds so incredibly familiar!!! I don't think I played ridge racer, but you're hitting somewhere super familiar and I just can't put my finger on what it is!!! Anyways, I'm a big fan of this one. The chords/pads throughout are super nice, and you've managed to build it out such that some pieces feel somewhat muted and in the background, an effect I really like, especially when as done well as you've done here. Great job!!!

love the bouncy groove and really interesting textures

Perhaps you didn't quite nail it, but you're hitting something nice either way.
- Raioh

That sweeping pad is creating a really immersive atmosphere, a really nice backdrop for the rest of the track. I dig the rhythm and the sound choices. Never heard of Ridge Racer Type 4 before, but now I gotta find some videos of that.

Nitpick: the lead is sometimes completely dry, I'd give it some reverb to glue with the track better. You are doing this sometimes, so I'd keep that consistent. IMO sounds better.

love this song dude. wow.

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