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Starting January 1st 2024 GMT each participant will have one week to upload one finished composition. Any style of music or selection of instruments are welcomed and encouraged. Sign up or Login to get started or check our FAQ for any help or questions you may have.


By hieroglitch on March 3, 2024 3:10 am

decided to finish cutting up part 2 from last week. this is still a significant cut down from what was there. it was a challenge to find a balance between what to keep vs letting the generative patch play out.

The sequence of the hits were based on a 64 step euclidean sequence, with the number of triggers increasing/decreasing based on a very long LFO. watching the steps increase/decrease on Pam's screen was calming.

while these sessions have been fun, I am finding the limitations of eurorack sequencing limiting based on my current setup. Yes, Pam's Pro Workout can do some awesome stuff, however I do miss xox style sequencing I'm familiar with so I have been considering other options/experimenting.

In future weeks, one of two things might have to happen:
1. Expand the parameters of what I make with music with for Weekly Beats (plan was to have 52 weeks of eurorack), or
2. get some more eurorack (hah) to address the current limitations. Most likely a Steppy 1u will be what I get to address this issue.

We'll see.

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cool soundscape! great depth

nedsferatu wrote:

cool soundscape! great depth

Hey thanks! it was a nice experience, eurorack gives what seems to be endless possibilities.

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