boomlinde wrote:
VBO wrote:

I'm insulted.  Quite pretentious of you, OP, to think that the entire community is all about bleep-bloops.

Quite pretentious of you to pretend to be insulted by such an innocent remark. tongue

I've been found out

my bleep-bloops are top notch, son

Make whatever YOU like I say  smile

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little-scale wrote:

+ 1


The world wasn't built on chip, peoples.

so i'm not going to get in trouble if i don't turn on my gameboy for a few months?

I've not turned on a game boy for a year or so.


You ever think that maybe a site like this would attract hungry artists who are passionate about sharing their music? And just maybe a lot of those people play chiptune?

rdomain wrote:

Make whatever YOU like I say  smile

this guy has the right idea!

little-scale wrote:

This is not a chiptune community! Though I think that there is quite a bit of chipmusic (arguably too much - whatever that means), it must be said that there is a healthy dose of PLENTY of other stuff.



I found out about this site through so I was originally under the impression it was chip based. Just happy to see everyone doing their own thing which was the original reason for the post.

Din wrote:

I would just like to say that I am glad I am hearing a lot of people playing music without a chiptune element involved. It is cool to see the variety of ways people can present a track in a community where all people think about is the bleep bloops.

You just made me want to make a chip tune song

^__^ glad i could help