i just made a beatboxing improvisation, bcs i was sitting in my room on Thursday thinking "okay.... its too late to write a chip song... and tomorrow i have my hands full... on saturday parday seeing henry homesweet... fuck ill do beatbox" it was only bcs i had no time, but i actually found out that people like it, so i will try to get some songs combined (but later in the year, i wanna focus on chip and my chiptune EP) but yeah week 2 was pretty stressful for me, also i got a lil bit lazy, but ill get something done this week ^^

I'm really happy at how mine ended up sounding. I have done very little with overdubs in the past so it was fun. the only thing I didn't like is that the track ended up sounding a little monotonous in spots, a little more loopy than I had intended (time constraints are interesting though, sometimes i end up spending too much time on something).

Definitely happy with my track. Achieved the sound I wanted, the feel I wanted and the level of epicness I was after. I've had some awesome feedback so far so I'm glad those who have heard it enjoyed listening.

fun with  music. enjoying the trax you're put out this week. so any diversity.

i was kinda busy this week, so i basically got tired of trying to finish my track and just finished it

im not really sure how i did.  it wasnt anything spectacular but id never tried a song like that and feel like i learned a bit in the process.  i also got the track in pretty early so ill count it in the black.  im definitely looking forward to trying different things though.

Not to blow smoke up anyone's ass, but I have to say that I'm really impressed with the tunes people are posting... it's making me feel a bit embarrassed about my own work.  But inspired at the same time, so it's all good.

I also realized I cannot wait until the last minute to post my work - when I converted to MP3 I got these weird artifacts in my final version that I didn't have time to get the root of, and so it had to go as is. Next week I'll try to upload with at least two hours to go instead of less than one...

Was very happy with my Week 2 effort, think it went better than Week 1. Still enjoying the 'freedom' of just putting something out there after a few hours' work, rather than slaving away for months to make it *perfect*...

Looking forward to listening to everyone else's submissions this evening!

I got overconfident about a simplistic track and tried to throw together the arrangement in the last few hours. Complete failure. sad

Hmm. I really like my 2nd week track but I just had a listen on some actual speakers (not headphones or laptop) and the balance is waaaaaay off what I was aiming for ..

Way too much bass and hardly any synth/horns .. Lesson learnt I guess.

I can always go back and remaster though. Bring on week 3!

It was a bit chaotic for me as I had to try several times to find a good idea. I ended up with something that I didn't expect to create in the first place. I appreciate the unexpected result and this is thanks to this time constraint. No shame of releasing a track done in a week (actually less than a day) because that's the purpose of the whole thing!

I'm pretty happy with my track.  I did feel the time crunch though.  I meant to record an organ for the bridge and I would have liked to spend more time EQing and mixing.  Still pretty happy though!

I was busy busy busy this week and didn't have much time to devote to WB.  Fortunately I was busy with cool stuff and recorded 4 tracks with my band *ask and performed 6 times in a 400 seat theater.   There were even people in the theater for 2 of those nights smile

Solarbear wrote:

I'll go first.
Posted my song up two days before the due date and you know what? As long as Wheely keeps posting his very thoughtful comments, I really couldn't care less how I do, haha!

(Thanks for the kind words and CC, Wheely.)

No problem man ... hey I enjoy that project very much, its very interesting to see with what sounds some of you guys come up and I did not expect many things that are going on. Thanks to the communtity for doing this. I will keep my eyes on every week for sure!

My track is a synthpop song about a girl who likes to draw dragons.  I ended up spending quite a bit of time on it over the week, and I think the end result was pretty good.  I'd very much welcome more people to listen to it and leave a comment because I really don't think it's too bad.

i feel that all the cool guys here avoid me. mainly because starpause haven't posted one of his awesome gifs on my track yet sad