I'm going to end up being so famous.

Thursdaybloom wrote:

I'm going to end up being so famous.

Yeah, right. roll

I've come out of an early retirement and my first piece (the first I've written solo for over 2-years), is up. As for what happens musically/between me and WBs the rest of the year, who's to say. Maybe I'll turn devout.

Ha ha ho ho.

For me it is helping me push the elements in my own writing and helping me try new things. I can not wait to see how far I have come in 52 weeks.

Solarbear wrote:

I'd like to be able to do a full multi-hour club set! Lame, I know, but I'm one of those guys who enjoys straight uncehouse, lol.

Definitely would love to do this also!

cTrix wrote:

>how does everyone see their music progressing this year?

I'm sure my engineering will improve and in those late-night creative moments I'll move in musical ways I haven't before - but I think my main progress will be in my attitude towards composition.  Things like not being scared of releasing music I'm not 100% happy with, or finding the right way to approach writing if I'm procrastinating, or learning how to finish a tune without going around in tweaking circles!!

hoping for the same things, better engineering and composition