I have a few different projects from different music genres. prior to 2012 my electronic music was under the pseudonym sitari: http://sitari.bandcamp.com now I have decided to break the project into 3 different strains, considering it was sort of throw everything into the blender stylings. My big influences for that are some of the more obvious electronic music acts which are considered classics now: aphex twin, autechre, amon tobin, meat beat manifesto, scorn, dj krush, as well as industrial music when I was younger (I was in an industrial group to start out my musical journey). after that band I started my own electronic music sounds, and I've been playing guitar about as long as I've been sequencing. always wanted to be in a band that is more in the heavy vein but that came later. I tried to start several bands in my 20's but nothing really shaped up other than a show or two at someone's party. I continued doing electronic music all that time so I didn't get too frustrated. I did about 8 shows or so as Sitari around Chicago. my 3 new electronic projects... one is analog synths and guitars, trying to emulate my bloody valentine and all natural lemon and lime flavors and also synth drone based music. another project is utilizing only vinyl samples; and the last one is only computer created and will attempt to be as futuristic as possible. as far as in a band format, I played bass for a metal band for a year and a half and we played out pretty often. I got burned out on that since the band was limiting my creative input and it was tough work, and my ears needed a break. I am now in an mostly all improvisational experimental jazz and rock band called ISLAND. it sure sounds like a jam band, but I don't like that genre. so I like to call it improv psychedelic soundtracks (I also work on video and try to sync the two up). the influences for this project being very open; but I try to go for a miles davis bitches brew meets nels cline singers jazz guitar controlled by the melvins in a dub studio, or something to that effect. it also has been compared to omar rodriguez lopez's solo stuff, and I think at times sounds a little like the boredoms newer works. so to not ramble on too much, I'm into just about everything except for pop music. I love experimenting with sounds and it is the most enjoyable artform imo.

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Would love to hear you make some more of your acoustic folk stuff, Poppi.

Thanks Seb but it's unlikely to happen, I sold my guitar when I realised my Fibro. was here to stay neutral

I supposed I could take up the koto...hmm...maybe we could collaborate on something for cello and voice??

If you like koto and 80s, check out the group Hiroshima

I think I'll sit somewhere in the realm of skweee, dub and digireggae most of the time. Maybe I'll do one month of more acoustic stuff too.

The thing is, i make all types of music and i think way this site is set up, it makes me try and record all sorts of music over the course of a year. So i think im going to let my skill flow in this.

i'll try anything but dubstep ;P

I was going to try dubstep, but after I made my wobble bass it just didn't come together, so it's more of a techno song with wubwubwubwub infused into it.

I usually write electro, dubstep and DnB, but I'm finally going back to my roots in indie guitar and minimal electronic smile

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I love experimenting with sounds and it is the most enjoyable artform imo.


I write what feels right at the time. I honestly don't know enough about electronic sub-genres to hazard a guess as to what I write in-PC, although when I write on the guitar it leans towards light rock/pop with a heavy grunge influence.