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]I also view this opportunity as a much needed kick in the bum to create more music but also to explore music as a method of research; my focus has been on writing/traditional research methods for way too long.

Good to hear you're on board! big_smile

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I think I'm going to first try a systematic approach to composing music, and see how that goes, maybe something like:

Day 1: Pick theme / Studio setup / Create DAW template
Day 2: Chord structure / Mood / Maybe 2 movements / Key sig / etc
Day 3: Intro & solid structural guideline
Day 4: Finished song structure / movements / transitions
Day 5: Tweeking any bits, working on mix
Day 6: Render / upload

Do you think you will be boxing yourself in in some form or limiting certain thought processes by going about things in such a systematic way?

Yeah I don't know? I don't think its a creative limitation, more like, forcing to complete X by kind of thing. It's worth a shot.

Fair enough, just curious.

This is super ambitious, and I'm not even sure if it's possible (its been too long sense I've read it), but I'm considering doing 31 tracks for the 31 letters in CS Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters." maybe. but for sure, I want a stretch of songs that link lyrically. Maybe a couple of different stories? One for each week of the month, four different? oh wow, yeah, there's a lot I can do. I gotta plan this out.

This whole thing is going to be dicey given I've already got a busy year ahead with a variety of music/art projects, so I guess the fundamental goal is to make 'this' harmonious with 'everything else'.  Ideally, some of the stuff I produce as part of this project will be able to be folded into the the other stuff I'm working on and vice/versa.

I'm thinking at this stage that each month will consist of a different theme or challenge, such as only working with a specific set of instruments, material, software, hardware, rules, procedures, etc.  Ultimately, it might look something like this:

Month 1 - Reed organ, reverb unit, metronome > max/msp
Month 2 - Nanoloop iOS, DD7 digital delay, [rule: must use shuffle] > Tascam 424 cassette 4 track.
Month 3 - Singer/songwriting: acoustic guitar, mandolin, reed organ, vocals, [rule: must attempt aping of early Fairport Convention fused with bits of early 70's psych folk] > Ableton Live
Month 4 - Write four pop songs in 5/4 time.

etc...something like that.

Im probably gonna do everything as unplanned chaos, but will stick to some methods if they work, maybe I'll try to do every month as sort of 4 track EP.

OK, I'm setting out 3 goals:

My main goal is just to write more music!  Had a shocking 2nd half of 2011 (breakups suck) and hardly wrote anything new.  Yet I wasted so much time sitting around making up reasons why I wasn't in the right headspace, blah blah.  So this is 2012 - bring on the tunes!!

Repairing gear is the another reason.  I aim to include every instrument I have - which means new stings on all guitars, fixing of toggle switches, servicing of synths and checking for battery leaks, etc.  Also will be testing / dev'ing a couple of open source synths during this year so my test files will inevitably turn up!   

Finally, I'm finally going to have a crack at this VSTi thing.  I have always stayed away from MIDI and virtual-whatever because I love to hold a real instrument and disapprove of having a fake one on the screen which I can't touch and "vibe" from.  But if I can get a good orchestral pack and percussion VST, I might be able to translate a few ideas which are floating around in my head. :-)

I can't even imagine what I'll be writing as a result of this.  It certainly won't be all gameboy house, thats for sure.

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It certainly won't be all gameboy house, thats for sure.


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I want to improve my LSDJ skills, get new ways to make a song and also, i want to expend more time making and getting perfection in the song smile

I have set a clear goal to have as many fun as I can have with artistic frequency math. I will attempt to not be generic :3

I'd like to make better songs in LSDJ, and post more non chip related acoustic-casio songs.

I'll be using Sunvox (iPad) and iMS-20 (iPad)... mostly. At least that's my initial idea. Will try to stick to it.

Obviously I want to put out more music.  Having more material so I can gig more often would be fantastic!  I also want to do more theory driven music, i.e. some classic counterpoint, twelve-tone technique and others.  I actually want to study the techniques of some other composers in a more formal and serious manner! big_smile  I'd also like to collaborate with some other artists to have some fun producing tracks with others and bouncing ideas off.  Sure to be creative!  Also new gear and different software are hot on my list of things to try, gotta mix it up and broaden my horizons.  In addition I want to explore different themes, such as trying a different one every three weeks or so.  Hoorah!

Well. My musical output for some time has been in the drone/dark ambient/noise range of the spectrum. I make machines and then have them do music for me, or use them in lengthy improvisations. That sort of thing.

This year, I want to make songs. I'd like to complete more instruments for my act Knife Crimes, which is shambolic techno using hacked and bent toys and handmade electronics. Planning on using a combination of Renoise and Pure Data for composition. Maybe Live if I take the time to learn it.

Alternatively, field recordings.

Apart from finishing 52 tracks, I really want to get in the mode of simplifying things, I tend to have too many hooks in 1 track and need to learn to be a bit more progressive. I have alot of unfinished material which I tend to sit on for a long time, so getting ideas out quick and refining them in a week is going to be a big challenge.

I'm leaving for India in 1 week and will be travelling for 5 and a half weeks with my laptop, an akai mpk mini and my maschine. So apart from the risk of my stuff being stolen and the fact that I will no doubt get sick at some point, it's going to be an awesome journey! smile

cTrix wrote:

  It certainly won't be all gameboy house, thats for sure.