Wisefire wrote:

i always refer back to John Cleese who talked about a similar subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb5oIIPO62g
very entertaining as well.

Gosh damn that's a great video

Also yes, week 3 is a struggle. You've had the crazy awesome, lots of time to prep week 1. The high of week 2. Now it feels like work. You've got to work to bring back the fun. It's hard but you can do it.

I got a good analogy for ya, we recently got a new dog, he's a bull terrier. They're notoriously bull headed, for example, if I'm taking him for a walk and he decides he's not going to go any more, the moment you get frustrated or mad, he'll simply put on the handbrake and you'll never get him to move. However, if you get out a ball or a squeak toy, you can trick him into playing and he'll suddenly realise that walks are fun.

My creativity is so much like that. The moment I'm feeling shit or frustrated now, I just close the laptop and move on. I can never say "OK Monday night is my song writing night", because what happens is I sit down on a Monday night, tired and I crack the shits and then my week consists of me thinking I can't write music any more.

Weekly Beats is teaching me to open my laptop whenever I can, but the moment it stops being fun, I close it and move on. Go play a game, do a chore, walk the dog, anything. But I know I can come back to it and later, my mood will have changed.

Weekly Beats teaches me that I can't NOT be creative. But I have to put in the effort to prove this to myself.