file... too... big!!!

Its cool that you are doing this. Was mentioned a week or so ago about a monthly compilation, maybe you and a few others could look into curating that? Andrewkilpatrick would be a good one to speak to since he is reviewing too.

anyway thanks again, and no need to edit on my behalf. smile

Hey George, thanks a bunch for the write up, that's real kind of you. :)Minor pedantry- Oestrus wasnt my only january submit, I'll be 5 in 5 later today. that might affect my  batting average of course... lol

Thanks again!:)


george bowles wrote:

as far as the idea that having a lot of comments means anything... that seems pretty random.

Yeah, I think I was off the mark in thinking comments was proportional to listens- I didn't take into account the RSS/downloadable stuff, or that folk would be next to their computer whilst listening in order to comment. I should have probably called this thread participation, since that's really what the thread is about.

Some good chat about that aspect here and how to further the community aspect could be taken though- I like the idea of a monthly compilation, maybe AndrewKilpatrick would be a good starting point for that, given he has been blogging the first few weeks?

My mum heard my music once, she said it sounded like the CD was broken... that was the percussion.

phesago wrote:

I didnt really read the thread, but I assume it seems to be based on completely missing the point, the starting point anyway. I do not want to sound harsh, but I thought this was supposed to be about YOU, and what YOU can do with the allocated time each week. I joined to see if the challenge will help me become a better musician, not necessarily about sharing with other people, and def not caring if anyone likes the crap I have been putting up here so far.

I apologize if my comments seem harsh, because they are not intended to be, but at the same time I think it's essential to be honest.

Your comments don't seem harsh, just like you didn't really read the thread. wink

My point is that this site could become far more than something that is about how x number of musicians handle their weekly time limit. I put it out there as I think discussion around the community aspect of the site could lead to something more interesting... I think this site has far more potential to just be about me, or you, or anyone of us. It's interesting, to me at least, to feel around and discuss what that is.


Im glad I posted now, turned into a good discussion. smile

Picking out a couple of points I like the idea of a randomize on the weekly music page- I wasnt sure it wasnt already layed out in that way. I'd totally forgot about the RSS/radio thing so yeah, maybe we are all getting more play than it seems.

In terms reasons for doing this I think I need to clarify my purposes- the personal challenge thing is valid but from my perspective it is counter community. I guess I need to take stock of my own listening here and try and build on it, as without that aspect I don't really see here as a community. Of course, it's a very new thing here and that aspect will develop over time. Again, not to be overly negative but I guess my concern is that this place could become the worst aspects of soundcloud - lots of noise and little interaction.

I'll stop now! lol

EDIT: think that last part reads a lot harsher than intended.

^ its a good point, and an aspect I hadn't really thought of tbh. That said I could do this alone, so the point of doing it in a community seems to be to listen and share ideas with others.

Im not criticizing anything here btw, just making sense of what this is and what it should be for me. One thing is for sure, I need to work on finding time to listen more otherwise its a pointless exercise.

AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

or play count this would suffice? I know I personally would get as much fulfilment knowing people are just listening

I think a play count would be a good idea- it would certainly make my posting of stuff here feel a bit more valid if i thought it was getting the odd play.

AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

though the nature of the challenge makes Trash80's choice for just comments make ALOT of sense.

care to expand on that?

Interesting points, ta for the input. I dont really like the idea of inactively participating in a community so Ill try to get some listening done myself. Other than that Im wondering whether a track play counter would be a good thing or not...

^ I did that last week though still struggled due to other commitments.

There is no way of putting this without appearing needy, though I'll apologise in advance since I think the end might justify the means in terms of prompting a decent discussion.

So, there are quite a lot of us here, some known to this community already, some not so known. It's quite a job keeping up with the new releases on top of real life and my own studio time... I'm definitely failing miserably to do this in weeks 2 and 3 after finding time to listen to a lot in week one.

Anyway, Im currently in the zero club with my most recent track, along with 20- or so others this week, and a page worth on the full listings. That's either down to a ton of bad music or a a focusing of listening habits onto a group of more established artists. I'd be interested to know what people make of this- is it putting them off posting future tracks, is the community too large, should we make more of an effort to post a comment, particularly on those tracks with very few comments?

I'd considered much of this before signing up, though Im not sure I expected the listening process to be so time intensive- at the minute Im in suck it and see mode, in that Im not entirely sure if I will see this project out... If I cant find the time to listen and comment on other peoples stuff than my reason of being here is failing.

Id be interested to know others thoughts on this...

Think mine is my strongest so far, hoping for a bit more time to listen this week too- last week passed me by really.

BDR wrote:

I was incredibly frustrated earlier in the week (see post on writers block) but managed to shit out a track on the last day. Arrangement wasn't up to snuff due to time constraints, and this song made me realize, to my chagrin, that I have a huge issue with my monitors. Oh well.

At least this competition has gotten me back into writing. Also, I want to apologize in advance as I am going to be sticking to 4x4 minimal techno for a while.

Dont be too hard, that track is really lovely.

My submit started life as something altogether more threatening, ended up a bit creepy and dubby. Not altogther happy with it, though it pushed me on to something else Im happier with which I think will be week 3's.

^ embrace the hum, throw reverb at it and call it music concrete?