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I would like a filter:  Music that nobody have listened yet.

Now that's a great idea. "Music nobody noticed" haha. +1


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No the files are not re-encoded. if they were, I'd like to do both OGG and Mp3, because of the browser standards wars. Some browsers don't play Mp3s- they only play Ogg (Firefox), while others are the opposite. (Safari/IOS)
Pretty annoying.

Decided without having to pay extra server costs for running encoding on the backend, to allow only mp3 and let the users do it. As well this explains why ID3 tags are not managed by the server as well.

To this end it also gives you the ultimate control. If you want to upload a lower quality version, go for it. If you want to put copyright information or other data in the tags, go for it.

Participation does not mean you have to upload here. It's nice to get feedback from peers but it's not required. It's your choice. It's all about pressure to push creativity and work within deadlines- That and the community around it is the point I believe.


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Without using something like Flash (YUCK), it's the same process between downloading a mp3 and streaming it. I suppose we could have the download button optional, you'd probably want to be removed from the RSS feed as well.


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Not really. I mean yeah we could add that, but it wouldn't really restrict anyone from actually downloading any mp3 they wanted, since the content is still an mp3 played by the browser. Unless someone knows something I don't.

Okay its fixed.

Ignore the links for a moment. Fixing a bug so it's not going to work.

CC0 has been added!

minaret_kid wrote:

uploaded the track, but last 10secs are missing.
can i get a link, to re_upload please?

grüße d.

First: Edit and "remove" your music item here:

Then use this link below to upload the fixed version: (This link will only work after you remove your old item)
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … d1bda11b49

pulsetrade wrote:

Could i get a link? Same issue as above...

Here you go:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 15840e19c5

NWSPR wrote:

Hey, I posted a track but it did not show up.  Not sure if I did something wrong but prior to posting, the home page timed out several times and I saw an index error.  I finally go through and posted but I do not see it in my profile or in the main feed.  This was for week 2.

- Mike

Here you go:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 7a106544ec

7506 wrote:

Argh. I missed the deadline AGAIN, this time by 1 minute sad now I need two links

Week 1:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 475730a27e

Week 2:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 475730a27e

Breakmagos wrote:

Can I just bump my previous comment above? Need an upload link. Cheers.

Here you go:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 9179e17a40

HuecoTanks wrote:


I misunderstood the posting time. I made a song last week and I thought I had to post it today. Could I upload a track for week one?

Week 1: SteveIntro

Here you go:

http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … 776f6316c9

ahhsumx wrote:

I messed up and didn't realize the deadline was before midnight in my own timezone, can I have a late upload link for week 1?

Here you go:
http://weeklybeats.com/music/upload?has … ab445e2d98


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It's either featured by mod staff, which this year is pretty much almost nonexistent. We'd feature tracks that have obviously been really good apparent accomplishments. Otherwise, as this year has been so far, it's statistical automated averages based on views compared to comments and bookmarks, same as CMO. smile


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LOL guys. It's hasn't been fixed yet. Wait a sec.