We're officially a month in.... 4 tracks down, basically a bazillion more to go!

Thought I'd start a follow up of this thread because I'm a curious bean ----> https://weeklybeats.com/forums/topic/60 … ntentions/

I'll start.

Intention 1) make some lo fi hip hop - this isn't going so well. It requires me to learn a new process and possibly switch DAW's - both of which I've experimented with, but as life gets busier, I've thrown in the too hard basket.

Intention 2) Don't be a lurker - I'm actually succeeding at this! I've managed to listen to and comment on so many tracks! I'm also trying to stay active in the forums.

sooooo yeah, looking forward to seeing where everyone is at!


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djippy wrote:

I am lucky, still have ideas and I am pretty motivated to release stuff. I don't really care if it will be good or not, just uploaded week 3 and really I don't like what I am releasing this week that much (another style that I am used to do, still it was fun to do). I do put myself some pressure to release stuff every week, but not so much pressure about quality of the tracks. I keep it "simple". I release super short songs too. I hope I will not have too much "blank page syndrome", but so far so good. I have many ideas, did start 8 projects since I knew I will do weekly 2020 (maybe 2 weeks before first release). Good luck! keep it up...

Huzzah for continued motivation! I think I was struggling from a bit of blank page syndrome when I posted this thread - it's too real!


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ngineer wrote:

Started on my track and feeling way out of the slump. That's very true RoccoW!

Sometimes starting is the hardest part! Glad you made it through friendo!


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RoccoW wrote:

The slump will always set in at some point or another. One method I've always found helpful is finding something that makes you excited to do something. Sorry to use a motivational quote here, but there's a lot of truth in this:
"Action isn't just the effect of motivation; it's also the cause of it"
A lot of it is just starting with something and push through. And if you have a bad week, then so be it! Unlike what people tend to tell themselves, you don't always have to improve on previous works. You'll have bad days/weeks/months. It's par for the course. Don't sweat it, just make sure to put something out smile

"One method I've always found helpful is finding something that makes you excited to do something." I think this is the bit I'm particularly struggling with - depression numbness means currently nothing is exciting and everything feels like the too hard basket D: Thankfully I've managed to push through. I think I might start to write down small snippets of melody and chord progression to fall back on just in case so I'm not starting from complete scratch every week.


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fc wrote:

Definitely feeling it. I mean I'm struggling in general this year.

I didn't do 2018, and dropped out halfway through 2016 due to the end-of-times (submitting a phd thesis). Buuuut, 2014 and 2012, if memory serves, I found getting into the "releasing something is better than nothing" and just accepting that a good portion of work might not seem as good as I'd like at the time. Sometimes though, I found that having the space to come back to it later revealed a different perspective, and so letting go of work quickly for the sake of "making" really helped push through those motivation problems. Sometimes I would be making something from bed on Monday morning just prior to the upload deadline/release time purely for the discipline of having done something. This week is looking like it might be one of those unfortunately.

Offfft - having a thesis due really is the end of times right!? This is my first year, and I'm definitely having trouble accepting the something better than nothing. How are you travelling with it?


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I mean, I got my week 3 finished and uploaded, but this week was more taxing than 1 and 2...

Just wondering if anyone else is feeling it/ has felt in in previous years? I'd love some validation and advice for how to push through smile


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Damn! I missed that WB started 29th and now i have only 4 days for the first track.

2020 is 20’s so we should do Jazz and Swing smile



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I have three goals-

1) Find a DAW that suits my workflow. I'm currently using Reaper, and whilst it's been a good introduction to the world of production, I find it rather awkward to use (especially coming from a composing/scoring background)

2) Learn how to make lofi hip hop. I only ever produce music using what I can play live. I have a good understanding of jazz, and I feel like lofi hip hop is a nice chilled way to experiment with the craft of midi/effects.

3) Get involved with this community - so listening to/commenting on other peoples tracks. I excel at lurking in online spaces, and I'd like to change that!