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By codydjango on January 7, 2024 11:22 pm

hi all -- glad to be back. I left 2022 early because my wife and i were preparing for our first baby, and with that came moving and switching jobs and all kinds of things. we are now (somewhat) settled in qualicum beach, which is on vancouver island, a couple of hours from vancouver, on the west coast of canada

I hope to participate actively in 2024, but we will see how things go with the baby and my new job. The baby is great and I plan to sample her little voice, as trite or cringey as that might be! lol

in broad strokes I have a modular eurorack system that I use to make overdriven, harmonic-rich, chiptunes influenced moods and ditties. Thanks for checking it out.

Audio works licensed by author under:
CC0 Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain)

2024 yea!  the subtly-evolving shifts are nice and wooly, this wouldn't feel too out of place in a smaller A24 film.  nice wall of sound at the end hehe

ah, so many interesting textures and rhythms coalescing together in this track. love the way it unfolds! smile

Reminds me of when i tap my fingers on a table in succession 

I enjoy the tension and resolution on this track. We love to hear babies! As long as they're getting paid a fair wage. Thank you!

Glad to see you again in 2024! I hope the little kid is growing well!

Nice chaotic glitchy track, with a lot of energy!

feeling black dice to me in the best way, keep em coming!

strangely harsh and soothing at the same time

nedsferatu wrote:

feeling black dice to me in the best way, keep em coming!

Wow, cool! I hadn't thought of black dice in ages. I once randomly ended up at a party where they were playing when visiting NYC for my first time, maybe circa 2005?

Nullsleep wrote:

strangely harsh and soothing at the same time

Thanks for the comment! I think this description applies to much of what I'm drawn to and produce. I love pretty and pristine-sounding tracks, too, but rarely create them...

Nice, this really unfolds into lots of interesting sounds. I like how it kept me guessing on what would happen next.  Great title. I know your area up by Vancouver. I'm in Spokane WA, and go over to that side of WA often to see family in Bellingham and sometimes up north of the border too, though its been a while. Beautiful area. Sampling babies is always cool!

congratulations & best wishes for you & yours in 2024!
little voice samples = non trite and cringe things

Welcome back! Love the tune, hope to see you at the other end smile

something very nice about this track

skitter scatter anxious momentum, love it

yooo another vancouver islander here, represent smile  Beautiful chaos and intensity in this track, look forward to hearing more of your stuff

Awesome! *love* the textural interplay & sidechaineyness here.

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